Well my friends, XP NFT’s have finally arrived, bringing with them new layers of strategy and game play.
Below I would like to share my early-stage strategy ideas and pose a few questions about how these NFT’s may change and possibly enhance the economy and eco system of Zed Run.

So far my initial strategy has been to use these NFT’s on two types of horses that I own.
The first types of horses are the ones that I am trying to take to the top of C1.
It’s a big challenge to get a horse to level 700 and I want mine to arrive there as early in the aging process as possible to maximise their track time at the top.

I was targeting this strategy before XP NFT’s arrived and had my Super Breed “Kamikaze Angel” at level 582 after about 60 races.
For me that was excellent progress but now with XP NFT’s here I expect this process to be a lot easier and a lot faster.
I’m now licking my lips at the thought of under 250 and under 500 race paid tournaments!

The second type of horse I will be using XP NFT’s for are low class high VAR horses.
Mostly Genesis horses but really any high EVO ponies that are capable of rising through the classes to C1 or C2.
I’m early in the process of this strategy but I imagine the outcome of a high VAR horse after it adds all that BA from C4 up to C1 will be a highly competitive racer.
With XP NFT’s I won’t need to use anywhere near as many races so progressing that far up before aging out is a real possibility now.
My Bute Gen “Savvy Rock” will be the first horse I attempt this with.

With my strategies planned I hit the track running as soon as XP NFT’s were launched.
Initially I figured that I would use my free race horses to generate stable XP that I would then use to boost Kamikaze Angel and Savvy Rock. (And later on other horses too)

Then came the hitch in my plan.
It took me a couple of hours to run enough free races to generate my first XP NFT and that was with a few paid racers helping add to the accumulation.
Since then, I have been able to generate about 3 XP NFT’s a day.
With more time I could probably generate 6 or 7 a day but that’s nowhere near enough to effectively level up even a single horse.
I would need 40 to 50 of them just for Kamikaze Angel to maximise her levels if she manages to win her semi-final and final tomorrow!
That’s a lot of XP NFT’s!

The other hitch is that my free race horses are going to age out pretty quickly at this rate and so I will no longer be able to generate that much in house stable XP a day.
As someone who didn’t plan to be a buyer of XP it’s dawned on me that creating it all inhouse may just not be viable.

So I looked at the price of an XP NFT on the open market and they were going for about $5 each.
This got me to thinking about what the eventual price of these things will be in the coming weeks and months.

If I need 50 for just one horse I either need to grind like crazy to build them up while I can or buy them from the open market.
Grinding will only work for so long as my horses will age out and I only breed about half a dozen a month so they will age faster than I can create them.
Besides, a freak “free racer” horse would only earn enough stable XP for a few NFT’s per aging tier anyway.

That got me to thinking, what happens when the people out there grinding stable XP also age out all their horses?
Do they go and sweep all the cheap floor horses in order to keep grinding?
That would be cheaper than breeding new ones but that plan is a capped endeavor.
It can only work for so long as eventually, in say a few months, most of the cheap floor horses who are priced lower than breed costs will be spent.
I also imagine many will now keep their “glue” as the stable XP will be worth more than the floor price on Hawku.

I guess another short term solution for the XP grinders would be the lending pool but that is another capped solution.
I’ve witnessed my lent horses become very popular the last few days as people use them to grind XP but I’m now considering pulling them all back in so I can use them to stack XP myself as I am going to need it.

We have all been asking for some time what happens to all the horses in the eco system that don’t have a profitable place to race and it looks like perhaps Zed have come up with a solution here.
A lot of so called glue is about to get cleared/aged out of the system at a rapid rate and any future underperforming breeds now have some purpose and value.

So we have some very interesting variables to watch over the coming months guys.

1) What will an XP NFT be worth once there is a limited supply of un-aged horses to grind in frees?
2) What will demand be like for XP NFT’s? (Especially with under 250/500 race paid tournaments in play)
3) What will happen to the floor price of Zed horses?
4) How will all this play out for the play to earn aspect of Zed?
5) How will this affect and hopefully enhance the overall Zed economy and eco system?

A lot of questions that I don’t yet have answers to.
This will be very interesting to watch unfold!

See you on the track guys.
Time to get boosted!