With thousands of new Zed Run stables arriving over the past two weeks I wanted to do a special article to welcome them to the world of digital racing.
Thank you all for joining us, I’m sure you’re going to love the game!

I’ve been playing Zed daily for almost 2 years now and I still remember buying my first horse, breeding my first foal and making my first tournament final.
There’s nothing like breeding and racing these digital horses and the community that has formed around the game is an important part of the enjoyment I get from it.
I think many of my fellow players would feel the same way.

With that in mind I wanted this article to focus on those special community members and content creators that you, as a new player, should follow in order to get the most out of the game.
Along with that I’ll provide some info and links to the important tools and data sites that can help you find an edge on the track.
A starter kit of sorts to help you get your stable underway.
It can be as easy as borrowing a horse for entertainment or as complex as deep diving in to the data to increase your chances of getting your hands on some of the massive prize pools on offer.


Since its inception over $60,000,000USD has been won in Zed Run prize money and over 4 million races have been run on the platform.
As you can imagine that has created a large economy of breeding and horse sales with over $160,000,000USD transacted in the market.

Whether you’re here to build a legacy and win some money or simply just wish to have some fun, lets dive in to where you can go to learn the game, join the community and take your Zed experience to the next level.

Below are a few key places that can help you get started on your journey.

Zed Run’s official guide.
The obvious place to start in the world of Zed is to get acquainted with their official online guide.
The guide is updated as the game evolves and you can find all the basics there from setting up a wallet to breeding and racing.
Check out the guide HERE
Visit the Zed Run website HERE
Or join their Discord HERE

Zed Chateaux’s “Stable Starter Series”.
Long time player and community member Zed Chateaux has a great Youtube beginner series that can walk you through the basics of getting started in Zed.
He is also a great person to chat to about the game if you happen to have a twitter account.
You can find his beginner series on Youtube HERE
or follow him on Twitter HERE


Goose Gang’s “Zed Run Explained” series.
Goose Gang are another Zed Run stable that have recently begun a video series for new stables that is informative and worth checking out.
You can find their beginner series on Youtube HERE


The Hawku Marketplace.
If you’re looking to buy a horse, sure you could go to Opensea but there really is only one place to buy and sell horses in Zed Run and that’s the Hawku marketplace!
With a comprehensive suite of filters and a stack of real time up to date data on every horse in the game you can’t go wrong.
Hit up the marketplace HERE
Or to be safe visit the Hawku buying guide first HERE

Whether it’s breeding or racing, if you wish to take your stable to the next level you’re going to need to do your research and when it comes to analytics these sites have you covered.
(Some are paid subscription and some are free to use)

Ever growing and constantly updated Zlead is my top pick of the horse analysis websites.
It’s free to use but when combined with a paid “Stacked Naks Pro” subscription it is an even more powerful tool. (More on Stacked Naks Pro in a moment)
Visit Zlead HERE

Blood Tool.
In my opinion Blood Tool is the premier tool in Zed Run especially in regards to breeding analysis.
It is constantly evolving with the game and includes a large suite of powerful user friendly tools that can enhance your performance on the track and in the breeding barn.
Subscriptions are limited and not cheap but they do come up on the secondary market from time to time via the Twitter page of creator “Danshan”.
Find Danshan on twitter HERE

Stacked Naks Pro.
If you take your racing seriously you really must have the Stacked Naks Pro plug in.
The tool allows you to evaluate race fields at a fairly high level right on the race entry page saving you both time and money.
It can also be combined with Zlead to enhance the Zlead experience which takes that site to the next level.
SN Pro also offers free entry paid tournaments for its users.
This is a paid subscription plug in but is quite cheap and in my opinion easily worth the money.
For more info on Stacked Naks Pro including tutorials CLICK HERE

As well as a marketplace Hawku can also be used as a great free analytics site.
Visit Hawku HERE

Know Your Horses.
A classic Zed Run analytics site, Know Your Horses has plenty of data on every horse and is free to use.

Though I’m not as familiar with Zsim as the other tools it is used by many of the large stables and has a suite of powerful features including a race simulator.
Bear in mind this one is a paid service.
Visit Zsim HERE

The Zedge.
Another tool I’m not entirely familiar with but one that is also very popular across the platform.
This tool is a breeding and racing asset to those that use it and breaks down horse traits in great detail.
Bear in mind this is a paid service.
Visit The Zedge HERE

Zed Racer.
Zed Racer is both an analytical tool and a great way to watch your Zed races!
I use it for the later and it makes my racing experience that much easier by queuing up my races to be watched live or later at my convenience.
They have also recently teamed up with The Zedge Tool which is an exciting development worth keeping an eye on.
Zed Racer offers both a free and paid option so be sure to work out which option works best for you.
Visit Zed Racer HERE

Novus Earth Control.
If you’re looking for a hub to stay up to date with the best tools, streams and data sites after visiting everyone on this list then check out Novus Earth Control.
The hub is regularly updated and worth a bookmark in your browser!
Visit Novus Earth Control HERE

The Zed community is held together by a list of amazing community content creators.
Whether it’s high-level discussion about racing, breeding and earning or just the community linking up to enjoy the game together, there is something for everyone.
Below is a list of some of what’s on offer.

Danshan’s “Zlead” Twitter Spaces. (Twitter)
Community leader and creator of Zlead, Blood Tool and Staked Naks Pro, Danshan probably knows the game better than anyone else and so you can’t miss his weekly spaces.
Both entertaining and informative the show features regular guests and up to date info on what’s going on in Zed Run.
Follow Dan on Twitter HERE

The Arbitrage Run Show. (Youtube)
What happens when you take the best racer and the best breeder in Zed Run and give them a Youtube show?
You get the Arbitrage Run show!
Posted weekly the show features alpha on racing and breeding, special guests and discussion about the topics that matter to the Zed community.
Visit their Youtube channel HERE


Scuba Steve. (Youtube)
Scuba Steve posts updates on his journey in Zed Run including commentary on what’s been happening and fun challenges based around the game.
Visit Scuba’s Youtube channel HERE

The Stable Hands. (Podcast)
Hosted by “Just Another Nakery” this regular podcast features fellow stables and guests discussing strategy and the world of Zed Run.
Stream the podcast HERE

Crypto Sonar. (Twitch)
Crypto Sonar is a regular Zed streamer and you can rely on him to go live a number of times a week.
A great stream if you’re looking for a place to race and talk Zed.
He also runs his own community-based tournaments that you can be a part of.
You can subscribe to his channel HERE

The Accountant. (Twitch)
The Accountant is another live streamer that puts together some great community based tournaments that are open to all.
You can subscribe to his channel HERE

Taco. (Twitch)
Taco is a long time community member that hosts a good time live stream.
If you’re looking to chat Zed and watch live races head over and check out his stream HERE

Avon Fields Stables. (Twitch)
Avon is another long time community member that hosts an enjoyable live stream of Zed talk and racing.
You can subscribe to his channel HERE

Hale End Racing. (Twitch)
For more Zed chat and live race streaming Hale also has a great stream that’s definitely worth a sub.
You can subscribe to his channel HERE

If you don’t have a Twitter account I would strongly advise that you set one up for your stable.
The Zed community on Twitter is very active, allowing you to find out up to date information (and gossip) and to network with fellow players.
You’ll often find sales and breed deals on Twitter that you won’t find elsewhere.

If you want to get a “Zed Twitter” set up I would recommend getting started with these 40 high value follows;

– Blockchain Bloodline – selfless plug FOLLOW HERE
– Zed Run official FOLLOW HERE
– Facundo – Zed lead dev FOLLOW HERE
– Ryan – Zed live ops FOLLOW HERE
– Chris Ebeling – Zed founder FOLLOW HERE
– Danshan – Community leader and tool creator FOLLOW HERE
– Arbitrage Racing – The number one stable in Zed Run FOLLOW HERE
– Donkey Teeth – The top breeder in Zed Run FOLLOW HERE
– Zombie Racing – Community Run tournaments FOLLOW HERE
– Iceberg Racing – Australia’s top stable FOLLOW HERE
– BG – Zed’s resident Einstein FOLLOW HERE
– Novus Design – The Zed skin designer FOLLOW HERE
– Staked Naks Pro FOLLOW HERE
– Arbitrage Run Show FOLLOW HERE
– Zedge (Shady Lane) FOLLOW HERE
– Novus Earth Control FOLLOW HERE
– Avon Fields FOLLOW HERE
– Hale End racing FOLLOW HERE
– King Pin Racing FOLLOW HERE
– Know Your Horses FOLLOW HERE
– Redman’s Smokehouse FOLLOW HERE
– Rainier Racing FOLLOW HERE
– The Accountant FOLLOW HERE
– Nakamotos Only FOLLOW HERE
– Henry Cejudo FOLLOW HERE
– Crypto Sonar FOLLOW HERE
– Zed Studmaster FOLLOW HERE
– Cadet Racing FOLLOW HERE
– Heroin Racing FOLLOW HERE
– Jet Thunder Racing FOLLOW HERE
– Rockin BB Ranch FOLLOW HERE
– H-Oasis Stables FOLLOW HERE
– Sangudo Stables FOLLOW HERE
– Hillside Homie – FOLLOW HERE
– Sunny Days Stable – FOLLOW HERE
– Intense Stables – FOLLOW HERE
– Grand Cru Stud – FOLLOW HERE
– Emerald Aussie Stable FOLLOW HERE
– 2 Fools And Thier Moulah FOLLOW HERE
– Souls Vanish FOLLOW HERE
– C Money Racing FOLLOW HERE