Another exciting Zed Run Maiden tournament is complete and although we didn’t bring home a trophy for Blockchain Bloodline this time we still had a lot of fun and brought home a little Ethereum for the stable.

To be more precise we actually had two Maiden tournaments this time round, with $75,000 USD spread across 4 days of racing in 1v1 and Winner Take all formats.

It was a great example of what Zed is all about and if you missed the excitement, this video sums it up nicely as stable owner Taco’s horse “Rolling Doobie’s” wins a $1,900 final after he bred it for just $91.
In all the horse took home a cool $2,250 for the tournament and was crowned this fortnight’s Class 1 Middle distance champion.

“I make this much in a month at work” he screamed as Doobie ran home strong.
CLICK HERE to watch the video on Twitter.

Rolling Doobies wasn’t the only horse making some serious Maiden Multiplier’s either!
The top 3 multiplier’s this fortnight were:

Title                   Horse name                                                     Breed fee               Prize money

C1 MidRolling Doobies$91.00$2,250.00
C2 MidBit Milady$109.00$2,196.00
C2 MaraHigh Speed Streaming$91.00$2,038.00

For a Class 1 to Class 3 breakdown of all this fortnights Maiden Multiplier’s in Ethereum and USD broken down by class, distance and tournament check out the charts below:


Title                   Horse name                                                         Breed fee       Prize money

C1 MidRolling Doobies (Z10 Exclusive Buterin)0.05 ($91)1.242 ($2,250)
C2 MaraHigh Speed Streaming (Z24 Exclusive Buterin)0.05 ($91)1.125 ($2,038)
C2 MidBit Milady (Z13 Legendary Buterin)0.06 ($109)1.212 ($2,196)
C2 SprintRaising Criminals (Z5 Exclusive Nakamoto)0.11 ($199)0.857 ($1,553)
C3 MarHigh Since Day 1 (Z24 Exclusive Buterin)0.05 ($91)0.607 ($1,010)
C3 MidGenny Boost (Z15 Legendary Buterin)0.06 ($109)0.614 ($1,112)
C3 SprintTropical Cocktail (Z19 Legendary Buterin)0.05 ($91)0.615 ($1,115)

Total breed fee’s $781.00 Total winner’s purse $11,274.00


Title                   Horse name                                                        Breed fee               Prize money

C1 Mar AImagine The Desert (Z10 Legendary Finney)0.15 ($271)0.352 ($637)
C1 Mar BMalawi Bold (Z14 Legendary Buterin)0.039 ($71)0.352 ($637)
C1 Mid AMaking Ohhhs (Z2 Legendary Nakamoto)0.2 ($362)0.352 ($637)
C1 Mid BDanshan’s Blue Waffle (Z4 Legendary Nakamoto)0.081 ($147)0.352 ($637)
C1 Sprint AStun (Z17 Legendary Buterin)0.05 ($91)0.352 ($637)
C1 Sprint BForce 2 Prosperity (Z5 Legendary Szabo)0.099 ($179)0.351 ($636)
C2 Mara AFire Pun (Z19 Legendary Buterin)0.05 ($91)0.413 ($748)
C2 Mara BTake Of Boom (Z4 Exclusive Nakamoto)0.073 ($132)0.413 ($748)
C2 Mid ALead Foot Lady (Z19 Legendary Buterin)0.05 ($91)0.413 ($748)
C2 Mid BElegant Finish Z13 Legendary Finney)0.06 ($109)0.412 ($747)
C2 Sprint ASogno Viola (Z2 Legendary Nakamoto)TBD0.412 ($747)
C2 Sprint BMortal Mayhem (Z6 Exclusive Nakamoto)0.073 ($132)0.412 ($747)
C3 Mar ADream Chewy (Z30 Exclusive Buterin)0.042 ($76)0.206 ($373)
C3 Mar BDemonology (Z12 Exclusive Buterin)0.05 ($91)0.206 ($373)
C3 Mid AShoe of Master (Z20 Exclusive Buterin)0.05 ($91)0.206 ($373)
C3 Mid BLil Sassy (Z21 Exclusive Buterin)0.05 ($91)0.206 ($373)
C3 Sprint AInterception Z (Z12 Exclusive Buterin)0.05 ($91)0.206 ($373)
C3 Sprint BTwo Tries Only (Z18 Legendary Buterin)0.05 ($91)0.206 ($373)

Total breed fee’s $2,207.00 Total winner’s purse $10,544.00