At heart, many of us Zed Heads are gamblers.
Degen’s and risk takers that share a love of the thrill and the chance at a big pay day.
I’ve been in many a finals race and when moneys on the line it always gets me up and out of my seat when my digital pony kicks and makes a run for the line with 300m to go.
That type of action is what keeps us coming back for more whether we take home the money or not.

The Zed Run team know this and Facundo knows this.
I recall him saying during a live stream that one of his aims was to find a way to recreate that finals experience for stables on a regular basis.
To recreate that for us on demand.
I believe he will achieve that goal with the Sit N Go format.

So what is a Sit N Go?
To sum it up, instead of racing to qualify for the finals you pay a one-off entry fee and your horse is automatically entered into a set of scheduled races along with the other entrants.
The money from all entries is pooled and becomes the prize pool.
You just sit back and cheer on your horse.
No clicking to enter or chasing a cut line, the finals experience we love every time we enter.
Formats will vary of course and so will the prize pools but that is the basic premise of how they will work.

So when can we expect Sit N Go’s you ask?
I don’t know the exact date but I’m sure they are close to arriving on Novus Earth any day now!
The trusted source BG has mentioned he has seen the code for the format being added to the game of Zed and as recently as a couple of days ago he suggested they weren’t too far away.

Another format that I am sure will scratch a similar gambling itch as the Sit N Go’s is the up coming “Class Based Premier Tournaments”.
We had a small taste of these in C1 some time ago and it was extremely popular.
The format for the premier’s is yet to be disclosed but my hope is that we have paid entry qualifying races with a portion of the entry fee of each race or even the whole combined entry fee being used to fund a large prize pool.
They may be daily or weekly and will be a real glory win for the horse that takes home the crown in his or her class and funnel.

So when Class based premier tournaments you ask?
I asked the same question of Zed live ops man Ryan last week and he told me the team were aiming to have them live by the end of the month.

With the lack of recent cash paying tournaments outside of the Maiden the Zed community are understandably chomping at the proverbial bit to scratch that degen itch.
If Danshan’s recent Sit N Go is anything to go buy, the 4,000 horses entered showed there is great demand and a volcano building that will erupt when these formats go live.
I for one can’t wait to trash talk with you all and again start jumping out of my seat at the 300m mark on a regular basis.

Imagine Sit N Go’s popping off all day every day while in between you race your finest ponies in the class based premier qualifiers and your unlevelled prospects in the free XP qualifiers.
Have patience my friends, I’m sure that will be our reality in the not too distant future.

See you on the track!