The unbeatable VAR of 1.0 breeds and the best of the 2.0 experiment, how can I ever breed a horse to beat them?
I hear this on Twitter from time to time and in all honesty, the answer is, you probably can’t.
They are horses from a different game, extreme lotto tickets and children of the power creep.

Here’s the good news though, you don’t have to breed to beat these throwback beasts.
You just need to have a little patience because times they are a changin’.
With 3.0 we are all breeding for the new era of Zed Run, a new game, one which will be far more competitive.
In the near future our foals will enter a world of class based maiden tournaments and class progression through segmented conditionals.
A system that pits your horse against similar peers.

I recently wrote a blog about aging (which you can read here) so I won’t cover old ground but from the interviews I’ve recently watched featuring head of product Facundo, I get the impression that when aging hits we have about 6 months before we see the 1.0 and 2.0 beasts begin to disappear from daily racing.
That is when the new era of Zed Run really begins.

Facundo often speaks of 100,000 daily active users and with that in mind it I can’t help but think of Genesis horses and their eternal breeding capabilities.
Particularly the ones that can breed C1 foals, Nakamoto’s and the best of the other bloodlines.
With players vying for the glory and prize pools of C1 the resources to create such foals are limited.
Those looking to create the next C1 Nakamoto Super Breed to dominate the track for a spell will be lucky to get their hands on a cover.
How many of the 1,000 studs will be available each month and will you be able to secure an equal mare to breed it with?
In that environment both breeding and secondary market prices for those horses will be squeezed in an upward direction.

But how do we get to 100,000 daily users you might ask?
In short, the combination of a sustainable game loop and a whole bunch of fun.
Facundo has previously built successful game loops that offer fun and yet have been able to offer so much of that fun that users are more than willing to inject funds in to play.
That was without the opportunity for them to win money or get the ROI so many Zed Heads speak about.
With the sustainable game loop the VHS team are close to achieving Zed can offer fun combined with the opportunity to win money.
That combination should not be underestimated.

As aging or “race decay” begins to take effect the onboarding and marketing process will also begin.
New players will join a much more healthy and sustainable Zed Run where they feel they have a chance to succeed.
A Zed Run that features sustainable player funded “on demand tournaments”, “sit n go” tournaments and breed funded maiden tournaments.
Plus flagship events offering the chance at a share in the $1,300,000USD treasury.
I think It’s going to be an exciting second half of 2023.
I hope you will be there with us to enjoy the ride!