If you’re a Zed Head who loves racing for cold hard cash then saddle up!
Commencing next week, we have a stack of tournament action coming our way courtesy of Zed Run and Zlead.
All free and low entry buy in with some very juicy prize pools on offer.

Kicking off Monday April 30 at 8.00pm New York time the king of 3rd party tournaments Danshan is back with the Zlead “Sizzle” tournament.
One of his biggest events so far!
(Sydney 10am May 1st or London 1am May 1st)

This is a major tournament with a minor buy in and it will run as four separate tournaments over four weeks leading into the grand finale.
Entry will cost just $1 per horse with the weekly final winners taking home some prize money and an entry to the main event.

Dan’s previous 4,000 entry tournament generated some nice pay days for the winners, and I expect this one to be even bigger.
With Zed Run stepping up to juice the prize pools even further for the grand finale it looks like there is going to be an impressive sum of money and a handsome amount of prestige coming your way if you’re crowned a “Sizzle” champion!

For more details on “Sizzle” or to enter your horses CLICK HERE

And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, Zed Run have turned up the dial on free entry XP tournaments!
Also kicking off on April 30 at 8.00pm New York time we have two straight weeks of FREE entry cash paying tournaments.
(Sydney 10am May 1st or London 1am May 1st)

The two-week run of events celebrates the new class of 3.0 horses giving them a chance to shine, to line their pockets and to boost their XP!
Prizes range from $5,000 to $20,000 per tournament with the XP multipliers ranging from 100x to 250x!

So clear your calendars, get your 3.0’s ready or breed some more if you have to because things are about to get wild on Novus Earth!
You don’t want to miss this!

For more details on the upcoming Zed Run tournaments including formats and prize pools
CLICK HERE (week 1)
CLICK HERE (week 2)