October has proved to be a big month here at Blockchain Bloodline.
We are extremely excited to announce the addition of a Z1 Nakamoto Genesis stallion named “Pinnacle” to our stable and breeding program.

We had been working very hard to secure a Z1 for some time and Pinnacle met all of our requirements.
He is unraced and according to our breeding formula capable of fathering some serious racing monsters.
If his previous foals are anything to go by we are in for some special offspring.

With a little instability in the market of late we were also able to secure a very cheap Buterin Genesis stallion named “Will Enjoy”.
We have no plans for him as yet but we figured he may come in handy in the future if we need some Buterin genes.
This gives us many future options as we now have a genesis stallion of all bloodlines along with our Szabo genesis mare.

You can check out the new additions to the stable on KYH here:
“Pinnacle” – Click here
“Will Enjoy” – Click here

On another note our breeding program continued this month, though we bred two colts instead of the two mares we had hoped for which has slowed progress down until next month.
The colts will be used for racing at this stage though we may work them in to some sort of breeding test program at a later date.
They have some pretty excellent blood in them after all.

At this stage we remain at the first exclusive level offspring and as mentioned last month the next phase is to breed in further genesis genes in to our Szabo/Nak line and Szabo/Finney line.
Patience is the key to getting things right!

Anyhow thanks for checking in on our progress, back next month with a fresh update.
(Special thanks to Satoshi Stables and Sharky Rob of Great White Stables for the help purchasing our Z1!)