Are you new to Zed Run?
If so your first question will likely be what is Zed Run?
Well, the best way I can describe Zed is as a strategy game, a sport and an investment all rolled in to one.

You begin your journey by buying an NFT that represents a horse or in our case you start with one and then you buy many more.
You can race them, breed them, sell them and much more.

If you’re just after a little fun or want to dip your toe in to see what it’s all about you can buy a cheap horse for around $40 dollars and be up and racing in no time.
Zed will even let you trial a free horse if you like.
If you’re after more than that, you can venture down the rabbit hole and you won’t be disappointed.
This is where the real layers of the game begin.

If you’re meticulous with your investments there are gold mines of data available online. (See bottom of page for links)
You can use these tools to help analyse the market before making your first purchase.
Take some time and decide, do you want to be a breeding stable, a racing stable or a combination of both?

Which bloodline do you decide on?
Which breed type, gender, genotype or coat colour?
What about track times, race form and lineage?
What are base ability, distance preference and variance?
How do these aspects play in to your strategy and budget?
How do the various parameters mix when you breed Stallion A with Mare B?

There is quite a bit to take in to account but get it right and you could buy or breed a champion.
A champion that never dies and never ages.
A champion that helps create a legacy for your stable while bringing in that cold hard Ethereum.

Be warned however, Zed Run is very addictive and a hell of a lot of fun and that’s just in its current form.
The next level though, that’s what really intrigues and excites me.
Esports are exploding, blockchain based games are coming of age and the metaverse is coming to the forefront.

Imagine throwing on a set of VR goggles and meeting a friend in the metaverse.
You take them to your digital stable and show them your Zed Run horse.
She’s just won a major tournament and a purse of $500,000 in a race watched by millions around the world.
You tell them the viewership was so high because Zed Run is now the biggest sports betting market in the world and the stake on that race was well in the millions.
Your horse appears in view wearing an Adidas skin she is wearing is part of a sponsorship deal she picked up after the win.

That could be the future of Zed.
We dare to dream.

Anyhow back to the nuts and bolts.
If you want to get started in Zed Run welcome to the community!

Here are some links to get you started;

1) Learn more from the official Zed Run website  CLICK HERE

2) Community member Zed Chateaux has some great informative Zed Run videos CLICK HERE
Or watch his Zed beginner series on Youtube HERE

3) Poseidon Racing also have some videos including Zed Run beginners’ information CLICK HERE

4) There are the various Zed tools and data sites that are gold mines and often essential to the game;
Stacked Naks (Data and plug in) –  CLICK HERE
Zsim (Data) – CLICK HERE
Know Your Horses (Data) CLICK HERE
Hawku (Data and marketplace) CLICK HERE
Zed Racer (Dashboard and more) CLICK HERE
MJ Informatics

5) Our favourite set of Zed Run tools for the serious stable owner is the “Blood Tool” by Danshan.
This tool is not cheap but it is well worth the investment.
If you would like a full review we have created one HERE

Lastly, if you have any questions about Zed Run feel free to use the contact form and send us a message or DM me on Twitter.
We love Zed Run, love discussing the game and want to help the community to continue to grow so were always available to the community.

Now it’s time for you to build your own stable.
Good luck, have fun and don’t forget to come back and visit Blockchain Bloodline to see what were up too.
Thanks for dropping by and see you at the races!