It was in mid 2021 during a 3 month COVID lock down that I first discovered Zed Run.
What started as a day to day escape quickly grew to become my passion.
Racing, breeding, strategizing and making new friends in the wonderful Zed Run community.
I became immersed in the #ZedLife!

So toward the end of last year I decided that I would dive in head first and go full time Zed.
A professional digital horse stable, who would have thought such a thing was even possible?
With my wife and kids in full support I set a date of July 1st 2022 to be full time and began planning ahead.

Now 9 months later and our stable is set, plans are in place and we are ready to go.
I sold my last case of wine on Monday and barring a few outstanding invoices and the cancelation of my liquor license that part of my life is all said and done.
When someone asks what line of work I’m in the answer will now be “Digital Horse Racing and Breeding”.
I look forward to seeing some priceless reactions!

In celebration of finally making this transition we have been working hard to completely redesign this website.
The new version went live yesterday and is now much more functional and much better looking.
We even have a spinning Zed Run horse on the front page! (Check it out Ebs!)

We now also have complete sections of our site dedicated to horses for sale and horses for stud.
We are still adding horses to the section and will update as our stock evolves so check back regularly for new additions.
All in all I think the site is now worthy of a professional Zed stable.

On top of revamping the website we also spent our first work free days selling off our war chest of 1.0 U/U/U horses.
Of the 14 horses we had we sold 11 over 2 days which was a great test case for what’s possible as we begin making a living from Zed.

In a poetic twist of fate Zed dropped the token while we were winding down our previous business and at current token prices we decided to swap all of those horses for Zed Token.
Between that and our air drop we have a decent sized stack and will continue to accumulate prior to the inevitable god almighty price pump and beyond.
I used to work for Australian dollars but that’s so 2021….. now I’m a Zed Token guy!

And so with this post I make my life change official and want to say thank you to all of you that make Novus Earth such a great place to be.
Here’s to a bright future for us all!

In celebration of this momentous occasion we have decided to give away an unraced and unbred Z4 Nakamoto Exclusive filly foal.
It’s a 1.0 breed so who knows what the winner will get, it could be a beast!

To enter simply share an article from our newly revamped website on Twitter.
Don’t forget to tag @konigreich_ent in the post to secure your entry.
I’ll post the randomly generated winner to Twitter on August 11th.

Good luck all, thanks for reading and I will see you at the race track!

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