There’s been quite a lot of Zed Run content over the years and as a diehard Zed Head I consume just about all of it.
If it’s Zed related, I’m there.
So I figured I’d put together a list of my top 3 favourite streams that are must listen/watch content for anyone that’s new to the world of Novus Earth.

Zlead Live Twitter Spaces – Hosted by Danshan and Kingpin.
9PM New York/1PM Sydney.

If you’re on Twitter you can’t miss Zlead Live.
Episodes air weekly and generally run for about 1 to 1.5 hours.
The show is hosted by Danshan, the creator and brains behind the Blood Tool, Zlead and Stacked Naks pro.
He’s one of the most knowledgeable players in Zed and is damn entertaining so you know you’re in for both a laugh and some insightful perspective when you tune in to the show.
If things get out of hand co-host Kingpin is always there with some levelheaded and thoughtful analysis to balance things out.

With guests ranging from community members, to top stable owners and Zed Run staff/developers you can always rely on the show to help you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening with the game and in the broader Zed community.

To catch the show follow Dan HERE or Kingpin HERE.

The Arbitrage Run Show – Hosted by Donkey Teeth and Kevin of Arbitrage Racing.
Thursday evening USA time.
Friday morning Australian time.

What happens when you take the top racing stable in Zed Run and combine it with arguably the best breeding stable in the game?
You get the Arbitrage.Run team, producers and hosts of the Arbitrage.Run Show.

Donkey and Kevin team up to post a weekly Zed Run show via Youtube.
Each episode usually covers the week that’s been on Novus Earth along with discussion of the topics that are current amongst the Zed community.
They run for around 45mins to an hour.

The show also features occasional appearances from established Zed Heads “Souls Vanish” and “Keith” who both share a deep understanding of the game.
The show has also recently branched out in to featuring guest appearances from Zed Run staff.
Definitely a must watch stream.

You can subscribe to the Arbitrage.Run show on Youtube HERE
Or follow for new episodes on twitter HERE

Aussie’s Talking Zed – Hosted by JGWeb3 and guests.
Various dates/times – live streams via Twitter Spaces.

A new edition to my do not miss list is Aussie’s Talking Zed.
The show is hosted by JGWeb3 and has so far regularly featured some of Australia’s top stables as co-hosts including Jake from Iceberg Racing and Reece from Roid Rager Racing.
Covering the here and now in Zed, the discussion is insightful and as you can imagine with the calibre of co-host there is often some great alpha to be heard.
The most recent episode of the show featured Zed’s main man Facundo so who knows who will join them next!

To catch the show follow JGWeb3 on Twitter HERE