Season’s greetings my fellow Zed Heads, I hope the festive season has been good to you all both on and off the track.
Personally track time has been light for me this past week as I have been enjoying the good food and good company that comes with the holiday season.

One event I wouldn’t miss out on though, no matter what the season, is the Zed Legends League.
Especially considering our Super Breed Mare “Kamikaze Angel” was taking part.
So, the alarm was set for 5.00am Australian time and I was up bright and early to see the action unfold.

Kamikaze has been our best racer this year with under 250, under 500 and 601-650 titles under her belt.
Having reached level 684 the time was now to enter her in the prestigious Zed Legends League.
First step of course would be the qualifying event, the gate to the big league and this morning she put on a hell of a performance.
She topped the sprint funnel and earnt her place in season 3 where she will have the opportunity to challenge the best horses on Novus Earth for the ultimate glory.
The chance to become a Zed legend.


The event started well with Kamikaze drawing flames in nearly all of her races.
A great sign, though I was hesitant to get too excited as Variance and flames don’t always lead to good results.

Race 1.
I couldn’t have hoped for a better start with Kamikaze taking first place in race 1, winning by 1.21 seconds.
With plenty of early Zed memories of the infamous Ducky Mallon dominating fields it was quite a moment to see Kamikaze take her out today.
Perhaps it was a sign of things to come, but with such stacked fields in the Legends League there was plenty of the mountain still to climb.

Race 2.
Race 2 was another strong performance and my hopes for qualification grew as Kamikaze took another first place and to be honest, she never looked like losing from the moment she broke from the field.
Holding on for a 1.09 second victory and we had a golden start of 2 for 2!

Race 3.
In the 3rd qualifier the great Ducky Mallon reminded the field of days gone by, but Kamikaze held strong for a second place.
More points in the bag and another step toward the Legends League.

Race 4.
In race 4 first and second place were taken out by 2 level 700 ponies, but Kamikaze held on for 3rd place.
I noticed here that some brave soul had entered a class 3 horse into the tournament.
It finished last in the race but hats off too whoever had the backbone to give that a go!

Race 5.
As we came in to the second last race I was starting to wonder if it was time to see the flipside of some Variance rolls.
Kamikaze loves 6 horse races but if we finished at the back of the field a couple of times we could have glory snatched away from us at the post.

She didn’t win the race but held on for another 3rd place and she remained right in the running for qualification.

Race 6. (view race here)
With one race to run everything was on the line.
Seeing two Arbitrage Racing horses in the field did little to calm my nerves.

The gates opened and the lead changed back and forth several times as it always does but Kamikaze Angel pulled away at the 550m mark and was never anything but first for the rest of the race, taking a third qualifying victory.

From there I kept an eye on the leaderboard for a final refresh of the scoring and with results of 6 races – 3/1/2 and 47 total points Kamikaze had officially taken out first place in the qualifiers.
Topping the table, she moves on to face Zed Run’s best in Season 3 of the Legends League.

Will ultimate glory follow for this incoming legend?
We will have to wait and see!

Before I wrap up I’d like to send a big thanks to Donkey and Kevin for putting this tournament together and for all they do for the game.

See you all in 2024 for what I hope will be Zed Runs best year yet!