The reward allocation is a hot topic in Zed Run right now.
Like many of you, I have been giving this a lot of thought.
How do we allocate the rewards, how do we distribute them and what is fair for both long term holders and active players?

Below I have broken down how I would allocate the rewards and after that I have added some thoughts on ZedX population size, reward expectations and a distribution system.

1) Horse ownership and value.
70% of all reward allocation could be allocated based on horse ownership.
Current horse ownership only, not past ownership.
The ownership rewards allocation could then be distributed as follows;

a) Type of horse – Genesis/Legendary/Exclusive/Elite/Cross/Pacer.
Genesis should be very heavily weighted here.
Superbreeds also need to be included.

b) Length of ownership – There should be some sort of multiplier based on how long a stable has owned the horse.

c) Horse value based off career earnings. (breeding and racing) – There should be a second smaller multiplier based on the value of the horse in the market.
This can be achieved by weighting the horses career earnings and breed income.

2) Engagement.
20% of all reward allocation should be allocated to engagement from June 26th onwards.
In my original plan I considered rewards for past engagement and really thought it should be included, but after considering how it could be done I came to the conclusion that it makes the formula far too complex and potentially unfair.

The engagement rewards could be distributed as follows;

a) 47% paid racing – scaled per total amount spent.

b) 47% breeding – scaled per breed type. (Legendary/Exclusive/Elite/Cross/Pacer)

c) 3% free racing – based on amount of races run.

d) 3% XP minted. – based on amount minted.

3) Bonus rewards.
10% of the rewards allocation should be allocated to bonus rewards.
Extra tournament prizes and such.
This gives us something exciting to race for in legacy Zed Run while it is still around.

Extra thoughts.

My formula rewards long term holders for their support and early investment in the game whether they played or not.
It rewards those that invested money in top bred horses by way of multipliers.
These multipliers also reward people that participated in the game over a period of time by breeding their horses or racing them in paid races.
The formula also rewards continued engagement in legacy Zed.

The only people this system doesn’t reward are those that sold up and left despite how much they played.
In my opinion they already checked out and did not plan to support the game so they shouldn’t factor in.

Another note I wanted to add was regarding the volume of horses in ZedX, scarcity and expectations.
I imagine one major change in the transition to ZedX will be the number of horses in the eco system.
I would hazard a guess that we will have up to 90% less horses.
(400,000 down to 40,000?)

With that in mind I’m considering horse scarcity vs how many actual horses we all get.
IE tempering my expectations on the amount of horses I might get as rewards and looking instead at the rarity of what I might get.
Perhaps my stable of 150-200 horses in a population of 400,000 becomes a stable of 15 or 20 horses in a population of 40,000.
Less in sheer volume but much more valuable if the game begins to scale.

I don’t know if a Genesis will be a thing in ZedX but whatever the premium horse is I hope a Z1 translates as a 1:1 swap.
From there I guess we scale out Z2 to Z10 based on original mint price ratios?

Then when it comes to bred horses, I think the rewards should be breed type specific but weighted via race earnings and breed income so our bred legends are worth something decent in transition.
And again, we scale from there down to donkeys, perhaps 50 donkeys equal a single regular horse?
That would be the fairest way in my opinion.

Perhaps we don’t even directly get the horses.
Maybe we could receive some sort of redeemable vouchers equivalent to what each horse was valued at.
We then trade a certain amount of vouchers for horses in ZedX.

I was thinking of a potential 2 voucher system.
For Genesis or high value horses you get gold vouchers which are redeemable for premium ZedX horses?
For everything else you get silver vouchers which are redeemable for regular ZedX horses?

Anyhow, we will know more about how this will work by the end of the month.
For now I just wanted to add in my two cents about how I think rewards could be distributed fairly.

Thanks for reading.