Since the launch of XP NFT’s I’ve been considering using them to run my Genesis Buterin “Savvy Rock” from C4 to C1.
With his high Variance the addition of all that BA would see him arrive at C1 a relative monster of a horse.
It’s certainly on my list of things to do in the game of Zed.

With Zed Run likely, in the future, to allow Genesis horses to reset there aging count after classing up the strategy could become even more appealing.
With that in mind I have been looking at other horses for sale on Hawku that could be worthy of serious levelling.
I found some pretty exciting horses available at some bargain prices.

Before I share what I’ve found I’d like to ask if you’ve heard of the horse “Investing In Entropy”?
A former level 305 Buterin Genesis that is currently listed for sale for 20 Ethereum.

Investing In Entropy is a Z10 Buterin Stallion with some impressive Variance.
He started at level 305 in Class 3 where he ran 963 races prior to XP NFT boosts coming to the game. In C3 he lost 0.165 Ethereum as he moved through the class.
These days with XP NFT’s that would be a far quicker and easier exercise.

After classing up he ran through C2 for 201 races at a win rate of 22.30%, generating 0.267 in eth in prize money.
Nice going.

Since classing up again, this time to C1, he has run 49 races at a 24.49% win rate and has a loss of 0.061 Ethereum.
Currently he is a 570 level horse and is racing in the 551-600 bracket.
Over the past 90 days he has the 8th fastest time in the game at 1200m and the 28th fastest time in the game at 1000m.

If this horse continues to run in the safety of the level bands that suit him and makes the most of XP NFT’s he will go on to be one of the top sprinters in C1.
I imagine he will be quite a good earner when that time comes.
Pretty impressive for a formerly low ranked Genesis Bute!

The exciting thing about Investing In Entropy is you could build one of these horses for yourself.
So back to the potential stars I found on Hawku.

I searched for Genesis horses that had high VAR, above a Blood Tool 6 rating.
Basically enough Var to get the job done in paid racing.

Below I have listed my findings including the amount of XP it would take to run each Bloodline from the bottom of C3 to the middle of C1.
I have included the cost of the XP required in NFT boosts but you could save that money if you had the time to earn it yourself for free.
This is the time vs money element of Zed Run that allows players at both ends of the spectrum to have similar opportunities.
(Of note you would not need all the boost I calculated as you would earn XP racing the horse, so it’s just a rough guide)

Genesis Buterin.

I found 44 Buterin Genesis horses for sale around the top of C4 to bottom of C3 that fit the criteria.
They ranged in price from as little as 0.094 to a more hefty 3 Ethereum.

A Buterin from level 301 (Bottom of C3) to level 600 (middle of C1) would require:
420,000 XP divided by 1,000 = 420 XP NFT’s x $2.00 each = $840.00 to level.

Genesis Finney.

I found 2 Finney Genesis horses for sale around the top of C4 to the bottom of C3 that fit the criteria.
They were priced at 0.2 and 1.5 Ethereum.

A Finney from level 301 (Bottom of C3) to level 600 (middle of C1) would require:
396,000 XP divided by 1,000 = 396 XP NFT’s x $2.00 = $792.00 to level.

Here are links to a couple of the examples I found that are currently for sale.
If you purchase one of these horses and level them up, please share your results with me on X! (Twitter) here:

Name: Swaane. (Z9 Buterin)
Price: 0.25 Ethereum.
Very high Var and completely un-aged.

Name: Ex Oriental (Z7 Finney)
Price: 0.2 Ethereum.
Good Var and 101 races in to tier 1 aging.

If you would like to check out “Investing In Entropy” and his rise through the class system, you can do so here: