Somehow, it’s nearly March already guys.
Two months has past since I made my commitment to go full time Zed and the wheels of change are turning both within Zed Run and with my preparations for this dream digital nomad lifestyle.

Zed is evolving rapidly and currently upgrading the contracts for our ponies to enable more features and utility for them in the future.
They are designing the token economy, changing the breeding algorithm and a hell of a lot more.
It‘s all happening here on Novus Earth!

On a personal note I have not re-ordered any further stock for my IRL business which I otherwise would have done last month and by my estimates I should clear out the remaining inventory in late June or early July.
Missing that deadline means things are getting real for me.
No turning back now guys!

So since my original blog about going full time I have been doing a lot of forecasts.
The racing landscape has a lot of evolution to go through so it’s hard to predict that income with any degree of accuracy at this point.
There is definitely going to be income there but both the game and my stable need to further evolve before I can make any accurate forecasts.

While I wait for that to start taking shape over the coming weeks and months I have been forecasting and designing a plan for breeding and stud income.
Having made considerable investment in our stable over the past 9 months we have accumulated all the pieces we need and decided that we will no longer be investing new money in to the game for the time being.
It’s time for the stable to stand on its own two feet.

With that in mind and in preparation for July the 1st we decided that we need to build a bit of a war chest so we can hit the ground running on day 1.
Last week’s tournament and discovery races netted us about $1,100 so we had enough money to begin with a solid round of breeding.
We started building our war chest today.

Including July we have 6 breeding cycles until we go full time and so each month we will be breeding the following 8 types of horses:
1 x Z2 Legendary Nakamoto
1 x Z8 Legendary Szabo
1 x Z13 Legendary Finney
3 x Z4 Exclusive Nakamoto
2 x Z6 Elite Nakamoto

This will give us a war chest on day 1 of;
6 x Z2 Legendary Nakamoto
6 x Z8 Legendary Szabo
6 x Z13 Legendary Finney
18 x Z4 Exclusive Nakamoto
12 x Z6 Elite Nakamoto

These horses will be used for both inhouse racing and sales and should see us starting from a solid platform.
Along with this, our Genesis stallions will also have a combined total of 6 spare monthly covers that should also bring in a decent regular income.

We also believe that the prices of Legendary horses will substantially increase through Q3 and Q4 this year so stocking them up now while breeding and sales prices are low should mean we can get much more for the horses when it comes time to sell.
We also have many other horses of higher Z numbers that we may be able to profitably breed from in the future but at this point we are only planning for what is currently profitable in todays market.

Another variable that we cannot predict yet is the token functionality and any income from the air drop etc.
With 8 Genesis horses and all the hours we have spent interacting with the Zed eco system we may find that the air dropped tokens we receive pay for our breeding costs for months in advance which would further drive up our income.
We shall see.

So much to dive in too and plan for when the token economy and racing eco system are complete.
For now though we can at least see that from breeding alone we will be able to generate enough income for our family’s  day to day living expenses.

It’s all looking good guys.
I’ll keep you updated as we progress!