Our Breeding Strategy

Digital Horse Racing at its best!

It’s early days in the world of Zed Run.

There is still much to be learnt about the breeding algorithm and how to create the strongest and most consistent digital thoroughbreds.

Theories on how to crack the breeding code are discussed across Novus Earth but in all honesty the future truths lay ahead, ready to be discovered by the Zed Run breeders of today.

Here at Blockchain Bloodline we have our own theories on how to breed a champion digital thoroughbred.

Theories developed through experimentation and testing as we lived through the evolution of the original Zed Run breeding algorithm and through to the current 2.0 edition.

In the world of 2.0 we believe the ideal strategy is the accumulation and curation of quality genetics. The acquisition of top bloodstock with the goal of creating unique and talented bloodlines.

To create these lines we built a stable of premium quality horses and a network of amazing likeminded breeders giving us access to further premium DNA as required.

The base of our strategy rests on a solid foundation of Genesis horses. In that regard we own top quality breeding pairs of each bloodline. (Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney and Buterin) Then along with these Genesis horses we have a varied roster of everything from Legendary to Pacer types. These non-Genesis horses are a combination of horses we bred in house, horses we bred through the stud barn, breed deals we arranged through the community and horses we purchased to expand and enhance our gene pool.


Our Z1 Nakamoto mare and star Matriarch “Alacazam”

WE Breed Then We Race

Then we select the best of what we have produced.Using these “premium” offspring as building blocks we are constantly experimenting and trying to find the best combinations.

If a low Z combination works well, we consider it to be the beginning of a bloodline or at least worth exploring further and we attempt to build on that pedigree. Moving down the line through the breed types – Legendary, Exclusive, Elite and so on we stack traits and DNA in an effort to build a champion lineage.

The reason we start with a low Z horse, preferably a foal born from 2 Genesis Parents is because we feel we are able to better control and predict future offspring if we hand select the desired traits at every breed all the way down the line. It’s true, you can breed up or down in Zed Run, but we feel starting with a foal that already has a nice chunk of base ability and the distance preference we want is the ideal place to start.

From there we breed in the distance preference and variance we’re looking for. Concentrating those traits at the expense of degrading base ability. Once that BA gets too low we inject the line with a large dose from a Z1 or other high BA horse as we try to raise the level of all traits to the highest point possible. Not just overall but also per breed type. IE a champion Legendary, a champion Exclusive, a champion Elite and so on.

If you are familiar with the breeding rules of Zed Run you may know that you can hold your breeds at the Exclusive or Elite levels by breeding an Exclusive or Elite mare with a Genesis stallion. Using this technique we are able to hold a level while injecting it with the traits we need.Layering the line for that particular breed type with Genesis Stallions until we produce the desired foal.

Read – Official Zed Run Breeding Chart

Over time we plan to create a wide range of unique and specialised bloodlines. Each lineage with its own custom characteristics based on distance funnel and variance.
For example a line that produces low variance sprinters or a line that produces high variance long distance runners.

Eventually we hope to create lines that produce successful foals of every breed type for every distance funnel. In a future highly segmented race environment this should allow us to have the right horse for the right course no matter the direction the game takes. As a breed to race stable this is vital to our continued success.

Right now success for us is represented by C1 offspring that can regularly qualify for tournaments and bring home that Ethereum but by staying nimble we should be able to grow with the game and breed what we need when we need it in an ever changing competitive landscape.

Ultimately our aim is to create the best bloodlines on Novus Earth and to prove that fact on the track!!


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Breeding Genetics

At Blockchain Bloodline we take our breeding very seriously

Quality genetics and carefully considered combinations

Whether it’s a Z2 or a Z268, if it was bred by us it was bred with a purpose