Excellent day in the breeding barn today!
We were targeting two fillies for our breeding program and boom 2 out of 2 fillies.
We got lucky.

The first foal was a combination of our new Z7 Finney Genesis Stallion “Skywalker Steed” and our Z4 Szabo Genesis Mare “She’s Sensational”.
This was the first step in our Finney/Szabo line and the result was our Z11 Finney Legendary “The Atomic Princess”.
The next step will be to breed this Finney Legendary Dam with our Legendary Finney Sire “Fear Factory”. (15/10/2021)

The second foal was a combination of our Z2 Nakamoto Legendary Sire “Hope Is All We Got” and our Z8 Legendary Szabo Mare “Your Mum”.
This represents the first mixing of our Szabo/Nakamoto blood in the form of a Z10 Szabo Exclusive filly we named “Gambler”.
From here we will be folding in Nakamoto Z1 Genesis blood and in breeding the original patriarchal Sire while holding the breeding at the Exclusive level.
At some time along the journey I will share our full breeding plan.
Not yet though.

Anyhow we ran both new horses a few times today with promise shown but especially from Gambler.
We are very keen to monitor the ability of all horses produced by our breeding program at each stage of the lineage.
Ultimately as part of our theory these horses are bred for breeding at this point and beyond and may not necessarily be good runners themselves but good race results sure help us feel like we are on the right track.
Over the coming weeks we will test there ability and do our best to learn each horse.
After that it will be time for them to breed and create the next stage or generation.

Thanks for reading.
We will be sure to update you next month.

Zed Run breeding program Gambler
Zed run breeding program The Atomic Princess