Luck has shone down upon us today with the edition of the two new filly’s we were hoping for.
This is a great step forward in the creation of our two inhouse family tree’s.

For our main lineage we used pure Nakamoto and Szabo bloodlines to breed down from the Genesis level to the Legendary level.
We then mixed the bloodlines at the Legendary level to create a Nakamoto/Szabo mixed Exclusive mare.

Today’s next step in the process involved breeding our mixed mare with an unrelated Z1 Nakamoto stallion.
This time around we used a stud named “Hear No Evil See No Evil” from Block Beauty Stables and the two produced our new Z11 Szabo Exclusive mare named “Szabo Girl”.

This step in the process represented our first “hold” at the Exclusive level with both tree’s.
A level we plan to continue to hold all the way down the line.

Looking at the Zed provided chart below one can see that using a Genesis stallion as the sire can “hold” a lineage at the Exclusive or Elite levels.
We believe this is a very important feature of the breeding side of the game as a stable can layer in the genes and traits that they hope to include in a family tree without losing the Exclusive or Elite status.

Our hope is that “holding” the Exclusive level while bringing in selected genes and inbreeding with previous relatives from the same tree could and we hope WILL yield exciting results.
If real life thoroughbred breeding is at least in part an inspiration for Zed and we believe it is then it stands to reason that inbreeding the right bloodstock will be a strong play moving forward.

The second family tree we are creating is a Finney/Szabo breed.
We are following the same strategy as with our Nakamoto/Szabo tree however in this case we took a little short cut and mixed the bloodlines at the Genesis level to create a legendary Finney mare whom we today bred with one of our Legendary Finney stallions.
The result of the pairing was our new Z21 Finney Exclusive named “Finney Girl”.
(Yes, we also own Nakamoto Girl too ha ha)

For now we will trial our new foals on the track and await our next breed in December when these two ladies can visit the breeding barn themselves.
We have a feeling it will be the foals created from that branch of the tree that may start to show us some magic.

I will be back next month with an update on our progress.
Until then I wish you all good luck at the track!

Left – Szabo Girl / Right Finney Girl.