Hello fellow Zed Heads.
Time for our first breeding update for 2022 and the maternity ward has been bursting at the seams!
Our inbreeding program continues, our Genesis breeding experimentation has begun and Zed have been hosting Maiden tournaments so the stable is growing at a rapid rate.

To keep things separate for this update I’ll break it down in to 2 sections, inbreeding and standard breeding.


Nakamoto/Szabo – Last month we conducted our first Exclusive hold breeding the Genesis Patriarch back in to its Exclusive grandchild.
To move forward we required the foal to be a filly but we lucked out and bred a colt that my partner aptly named “Grandpa’s Legacy”.
This month we made a second attempt at breeding the filly we need but we landed another colt so all we can do is enter him in the Maiden contest and wait until next month to try again.

Szabo/Finney – This month our Szabo/Finney line also reached the stage of first Exclusive hold using the Genesis Patriarch.
We had a little more luck here and DID land a filly so we will be running some track tests and then next month we will fold in some more Finney or Szabo Genesis DNA in to the line.

On a separate note, with all the breeding we are doing we are ending up with a lot of related horses which opens up the door to plenty of experimentation between half siblings, uncles, aunties, cousins etc etc.
At a later date, likely Q3/Q4 we will start mucking about with some ideas based around them but for now our breeding plate is full.


Early days here as we begin to look at which of our horses breed well together and which don’t.
In this regard the experiments are focused mostly on our Genesis horses with some low Z Legendary and Exclusives mixed in.
We’ve had some very promising results with combinations Z1 (Nakamoto) x Z6 (Finney), Z10 (Buterin) x Z2 (Nakamoto), Z4 (Szabo) x Z2 (Nakamoto), Z7 (Finney) x Z2 (Nakamoto).
A couple look as though they may qualify for the Fibonacci comp that is currently running which is a positive sign.

On the flipside we haven’t had as exciting results as we’d hoped for with Z1 Nakamoto x Z2 Legendary Nakamoto combinations.
However the foals are ending up with high base ability so there should be some good results breeding them back in with another low to mid Z horse.
I also expect that when the Z1 x Z2 combo does hit it will hit hard so we will continue to experiment there.

This month we also hooked up with Zed Retro Racing to breed their Stallion “Legally Challenged” with our mare “She’s Sensational” in a foal deal that will see us both score a Z8 Legendary Szabo from this premium Genesis mix.
We actually had a great time racing the two horses to see who got the first foal.
They finished 1st and 2nd in the $300 C1 race we entered so it seems a match made in heaven.

Lastly we have the next Zed Run Maiden tournament coming up next week so we have bred another half a dozen combinations to test during the contest.
Hopefully they can bring home a little ETH and a little glory in equal measure.
All the best guys, thanks for reading.
Back next month.