Well today we are excited and a little nervous!
After months of breeding down from the Genesis level to the Exclusive filly we arrived at last month (Szabo Girl) we can finally breed the Patriarchal sire back in to the lineage.
A major step in the creation of our Nakamoto/Szabo thoroughbred tree and inbreeding strategy.

To add to the excitement I spoke with Zed Gazette, Dr Ian and ITF Racing last month and as far as we know this will be the first time in Zed history that a Genesis sire has been in bred back in to its Exclusive great-grandchild.
What will the results be?
(Explore the family tree on Zed Tools HERE)

If you are new to our strategy you can back track through our breeding updates HERE or check out last months update about holding an inbreed at Exclusive level HERE

So as it stands we created a tree that contains the contributions of 3 separate Z1 Nakamoto Genesis horses and 2 Z4 Szabo Genesis horses along with today’s second injection of the original Z4.
All wrapped up as a Z15 Szabo Exclusive.
We hope to see some magic coming through on the track so fingers crossed.

If we are lucky enough to breed a mare today then our next step will be to bring in another select Z1 to breed with her, holding the Exclusive level and adding further layers to the tree.
After that will be further inbreeding but more on that as we reach those steps in the process.

This month we also have a bonus experiment.
In October we produced an accidental Exclusive colt (One Ton Hammer) with the exact same lineage as Szabo Girl.
As such we can also see what happens when we inbreed the Matriarchal dame back in to it’s great-grandchild to create an Elite level horse for testing.
Another Zed Run first!

Along with those exciting breeds we will also be breeding another layer in our Szabo/Finney inbred tree hoping for a mare and a couple of other horses which you can see below.
So wish us luck, perhaps today we find another piece we can add to the puzzle that is Zed breeding.

December breeding at Blockchain Bloodline;

1) Posh Omen x Szabo Girl. (Z15 Exclusive level inbreed)
2) One Ton Hammer x She’s Sensational. (Z15 Elite level inbreed)
3) Posh Omen x Finney Girl. (Z21 Exclusive for Szabo/Finney inbred line)
4) Pinnacle x Nakamoto Girl. (Z3 Exclusive)
5) Pinnacle x Will Enjoy. (Z10 Legendary)