Today Zed Run announced a Cross only paid conditional tournament for this week and we also have the LJ Maiden 5 just around the corner.
With Cross breed horses enjoying some time in the sun we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share our Vital Bloodline with the public!
If you are looking to breed a competitive Cross then Vital Ambition could be just the stallion your looking for having won “Best cross” at LJ Maiden 3 and taken silver at the last Zed Run Cross only conditional tournament.

If you aren’t familiar with this bloodline you can trace it back through our breeding updates to read about what went in to the line and its success on the track so far.
(Click on news and look for blogs with “breeding update” in the title)

Below is Vital Ambition’s race record in Open Class races. (Over 0.5 eth in profit)

If you decide to purchase a cover, we suggest the ideal mare for this pairing is a low Z 1200m specialist.
We bred Vital Ambition with a Z2 Legendary and below is the offspring’s record in Open Class races.
(Over 0.35 eth in profit)

Essentially this is an opportunity to create your own branch of our successful VITAL BLOODLINE which features DNA from some amazing horses like – Ducky Mallon, Unyielding, Alacazam, Live And free, Legally Challenged, Vital Sign, She’s Sensational and more.


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