Allo Allo fellow digital pony enthusiasts.
Time for another breeding update and though the Zed breeding algorithm change is still pending we haven’t slowed down one bit!
Breeding arrangements with other stables, war chest additions and a Blood Tool license.
The show goes on!

I feel that one integral aspect of being a successful Zed Run breeding stable is being active in the community.
Sharing the blood so that we can all find success is important.
Sure, if your Archibald Royal Stables you can buy all the pieces to the puzzle but that is not a luxury most have.
And in lieu of that we work together.

Over the past month we have met some wonderful stable owners with some amazing bloodlines and have been lucky enough to arrange future deals with them.
As mentioned back in January we will be pairing our wonderful mare “She’s Sensational” with the stud “Legally Challenged” to create a very promising Z7 Legendary Szabo.
We had planned to breed the foal last month but have now decided now to wait until the algo change.

The second breeding deal it looks as though we may have arranged is a pairing of our Z1 Stallion “Pinnacle” with the Z1 mare “Malicious”.
This pairing has been quite amazing in the past with a number of very good Z2 foals arriving as the fruits of that union.
The most well-known of these is the stallion “Solid” who is currently the second highest earning horse in all of Zed and belongs to the powerhouse stable Arbitrage Racing.
We hope to breed a number of full siblings to this 12 ETH profit monster for both inhouse racing and sales.
If you are interested in purchasing a Solid sibling please continue to check in with our breeding update blogs or our twitter page for updates.

Outside of breed deals we have still been active in the breeding barn too.
Our in-breeding program may be laying in wait but we continue to fill our war chest for our July 1st make a living from Zed deadline. (Zedline? Sound cool or no? lol)

Current war chest as of 14/3/2022;
Nakamoto Z2 Legendary x 2
Szabo Legendary Z8 x 2
Finney Legendary Z13 x 2
Nakamoto Exclusive Z4 x 6
Nakamoto Elite Z6 x 5
(PLUS PENDING – Z2 “Solid” sibling/Z7 “Legally Challenged” foal)

The last big news item for the month at Blockchain Bloodline was the purchase of our Blood Tool license.
Yes Blockchain Bloodline is now a Blood Tool stable.

I first considered buying the tool last year and spoke with it’s creator Danshan along with several BT clients who all gave me rave reviews about it.
I came close to purchasing the tool a few times but the thing that kept me from doing so was that I didn’t want to affect my own breeding analysis and theory.
I was enjoying diving in to the data, filling my notebooks and creating my spreadsheets.
I felt I was on the right track so I gave the tool a miss.

Recently however a few people brought it to my attention that the Blood Tool has been expanding it’s set of racing tools and a few screenshots of this in action got my attention.

Can you imagine setting your race parameters and then going about your business until the tool tells you the type of race you want is ready for entry?
Talk about saved hours staring at the Zed upcoming races page!

Now can you imagine bringing up a race and seeing a visual of each horse’s base ability, distance preference and variance?
Or what percentage of horses are racing outside of their preferred distance?
It sure is a powerful tool.
I’m still getting familiar with it but let me tell you I can see more about a race using this tool than any other Zed tool I have used.

I am more than happy with BT as a racing tool BUT what about the breeding aspects of the tool you ask?
Well to be honest I think once I begin to master the breeding side of the tool it will be as powerful for us as the racing side of the tool.

For clarity, I have to say, unless you own monsters you’re probably not going to breed a champion first out of the gate but the tool allows you to analyze things in a much faster and possibly more accurate manner.
It can also guide you in the right direction as to what pairings have worked well together historically increasing the chance of a successful breed.
There is even breeding scores for horses and combined breed scores for pairings.

On top of that the community is amazing.
Many of the top stables are Blood Tool members and many are willing to help each other which is great in such a dog eat dog game.
Plus there is a lot of random alpha floating around in their discord group!

Then there is the BT Godfather Danshan.
He may be a bit of a maniac on Twitter but from personal experience Dan is actually a really genuine and helpful guy that loves Zed as much as we do and he is literally 10 seconds away from help whenever a BT member needs it.
That makes the learning curve on this thing much easier which would be especially helpful if your not already a Zed Run veteran.

So the last aspect of the tool I was super interested in was how accurate it was in comparison to our own analysis over the past 10 months?
I have to say it is spot on 100%.
In fact I’m now more proud that our data matched the tool as opposed to worrying if the tool could match our data!
This was clear to us right away when we discovered Alacazam and She’s Sensational (whom we very confidently bought using our own data) turned out to be some of the best breeders in their category as rated by the tool.
I even went through our horses favorite distances to see how accurate the tool was.
Of all 40 raced horses the tool matched the distance we had discovered in all but one case.

So as a breeding tool it may not be able to give you answers you couldn’t already find yourself BUT what would take me many hours to discover is now at my fingertips with just a few clicks.
It’s safe to say that between both the racing and breeding aspects of this tool we will be far more efficient than we were.
An ETH well spent.

If you are yet to purchase the tool and are considering buying it for it’s breeding purposes I would strongly recommend you do so.
However as a caveat I would also suggest you attempt to learn how breeding works on your own first for a month or two if your new to Zed.

If you wanted it for race data and analysis like I did then buy this thing now.

Anyhow enough about Blood Tools and breeding I have some racing to do!
Have a great month guys.
Hopefully when I return we will have a new Zed breeding algorithm and foals to show for it.