Have you ever wanted to become a content creator?
A Youtuber, a tik Tokker, a Twitch host, a podcaster or a blogger?
Finding an audience isn’t easy and neither is finding a niche that isn’t already full of content creators on every platform imaginable.
The ideal scenario would be to get in early at the ground level.
To find a niche that isn’t already saturated across every platform.

If you’re looking for your niche and enjoy gaming, crypto or web3 then I have to ask you if you’ve heard of Zed Run?
It could be exactly what you’ve been looking for!
A cutting edge web3 horse racing game that could be on the verge of main stream adoption.


The game has a passionate community made up of thousands of active players and they’re hungry for new Zed based content.
Rumor has it the game itself will move from live Beta mode to marketing action in just a few months so the time is now to start streaming, posting and going live.
Current lead developer Facundo Carril has a track record of creating successful games with player numbers in the millions and to top it off there is currently an exciting “Community Grants Program” that could help kick start and incentivise your journey! (APPLY HERE)

If you’re already involved in Zed now is the time to start that channel or podcast and if you’re not, now is the time to head on over and join the community so you can find out what the game is all about.
Grab yourself a free horse from the lending barn, test out the game and maybe even win a little money.
The Zed community is waiting for you!
In fact if you have any questions about the game feel free to reach out via our contact page or check out the links below to get started.

Zed Run official site CLICK HERE

Zed Run community grants info and application form CLICK HERE

Information on Zed’s lead developer CLICK HERE

Zed Run in the New York Times CLICK HERE