Greetings fellow Zed Heads.
May your ROI be high and your foals be Filly’s.

It’s been another month on sunny Novus Earth and so of course we have been breeding like crazy again.
I’ll get in to that in a moment but a little self-promotion first please.

This month I had a big hunt through our stable.
I was looking for interesting horse combinations I could pair together to create some reasonably priced foals for the upcoming Maiden tournament.
If you’re after a new horse there are 9 unraced foals listed here on the site complete with Blood Tool data and the reasoning behind each breed.
All at floor or near floor prices.
If you would like to take a look please CLICK HERE

Moving on to our current favourite project the VITAL LINE!
This month we reached our 6th layer of the Vital Line with the Colt “Vital Horsepower”.
Horsepower was the pairing result of Best Z10+ winner “Vital Attack” (Z20 Szabo) and “A Day Latte” (Z3 Szabo).
As we always do, we let our new Cross loose in the LJ Maiden tournament to test his metal and what a rollercoaster it was this time round.

The horse started the tournament poorly.
We expected he’d be a 1200m sprinter like his kin and perhaps it was the tough fields but in his first race he ran 8th place with no flames.
We moved him to 1000m and again 8th place with no flames.
We considered the Ducky Mallon genes way back in the line and ran him all the way up to 1600m but all he could muster in his first 6 races was a third.

Vital Horsepower’s first 5 qualifying races.

Finally in his 8th race, back at the 1200m distance, bam he got his first dub!
All in all we got a bit over excited and ran him 10 times on the first day of qualifying.
He followed his first win with a 6th and a 7th finishing the day underwhelmingly in a dismal 222nd place.
Needless to say we were disappointed.

That was until he breezed through C3 racking up tournament points along the way.
After his final qualifying race Horsepower had scrapped in to the Best Z20 plus Grand Final by the skin of his teeth.

Vital horsepower’s C3 stats.

When Saturday rolled around Horsepower made a decent attempt at some glory but couldn’t quite seal the deal, missing the podium and some eth earnings by 1 point.
Still, 4th overall seemed a good result from way back in 222nd place and we got to watch our Saturday morning LJ Maiden races on stream which is always a win.

Vital Horsepower finishes 4th overall in the Z20+ Grand Final.

Next stop for Vital Horsepower is the breeding barn where he will continue the family lineage.
This month we have “Alacazam” (Z1 Nakamoto) and “She’s Sensational” (Z4 Szabo) ready for him.
Both Mares are a great grandparent on either side of the tree and both also appear earlier in the lineage so this is a third concentration of these genes.
Definitely uncharted territory for inbreeding in 2.0.
From the results the better of the two foals will go on to continue the line next month.

We did also add some unplanned Vital Line horses to the stable in August.
As mentioned last month we were putting our boss Cross “Vital Ambition” in to stud and we did so.
But then we learnt Zed were running a Cross conditional tournament and so we ended up taking all 3 covers ourselves.
All 3 foals qualified for the Zed Run Cross Conditional tournament finals but sadly none of them progressed past the quarter final.

Of the 3, the first offspring “Vital Weapon” was a bit of a dud roll or it could have been because we rushed the decision on which stallion to use.
Either way, even with that bad ass name the combination of Ambition with “Front Line” a Z2 Genesis Nakamoto didn’t work out.
Seems like C3 is the best hope for that horse.

The other 2 covers were in house breeds as we paired Vital with  “Unyeilding Mallon” and “Nakamoto Princess”.
The combo with Unyielding Mallon seems decent but likely not at the level were chasing though we are still testing the horse.
“Vital Path” the daughter of Nak Princess is the pick of the 3 additions, she looks like a solid Cross having progressed all the way to C1.
We expect she should at least be competitive in the Cross or higher Z conditionals.
On that note this isn’t the first quality foal out of Nakamoto Princess so she will now be featuring more heavily in our breeding plans going forward.

Vital Path race statistics.

Lastly on the topic of the Vital Line, we are closing in on a major milestone.
After this cycle we will finally be ready to inbreed to the Pacer level.
Our first Cross Vital Ambition will soon be far enough removed down the line to breed with one of Vital Horsepowers foals.
With so many shared genes from top shelf horses coming together I have no idea what the results will be but I’m excited to find out!

For those of you that like to analyse a family tree please see below for a look at how far we have come.

The Vital Line family tree so far.

This month we breed the 7th layer of the Vital Line and at the 8th breed it’s Pacer time!
Not a moment to soon either having watched the community have so much fun in these Pacer conditionals.
At this stage of the game we are competitive in both the Cross and Legendary conditionals and we have a few Genesis horses that can make a move on their day but outside of that we need to expand.
On top of the incoming Pacers the next item on the agenda is to use the 2.0 knowledge we’ve gained to start breeding some competitive Exclusive and Elite horses.

We took our first step in that direction by combining our mare Explosive Attitude (Z2 Legendary Nakamoto) who has some great Z1 parents and our stallion Ultimate Ears (Z2 genesis Nakamoto).
We hoped for a fast paced filly that we could use as the foundation of a new bloodline.

We got excited when the foal was born a filly but were pretty quickly disappointed when it wasn’t as fast as we hoped.
Weve chalk that up as a loss and headed back to the lab in search of that great Exclusive.
I have a good feeling Nakamoto Princess will step up as a good matriarch but we shall see what the breeding gods decide.

On that note it turns out the gods were shining on us with the pairing of our new Z2 Genesis stallion “Ultimate Ears” and our Z1 mare “Alacazam”.
If you recall last month we were still testing the foal (Relentless Warrior Z3) and after a number of races we’ve learnt he is a bit of a C2 free race monster.

With a 50% win rate in that area we may breed him or may give him a go in the lending pool for a new user to enjoy.
Either way it’s very good to know our combo can create a good Legendary Nak!

Relentless Warrior – updated stats for August.

Relentless Warrior – C2 free race stats.

Well, that’s just about all the action from the barn worth mentioning this month.
Happy racing my friends and good luck with those bloodlines!
Thanks for reading.